Monday, December 21, 2015

US wild bees decline as biofuels boom

A new study says that wild bees in the US are declining in many areas because of increases in the amount of corn being grown for biofuel.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

26 totally awesome '90s trends that you forgot about


If you've already forgotten the life lessons that Clarissa taught you when she explained it all, chances are you also forgot about some of your favorite '90s products

We've scoured the web to bring you the ultimate blast from the past. Warning: while some of these items will produce positive feelings of nostalgia others will leave you seriously questioning your judgment and life all together

Grab your Tamagotchis and sticker books as we travel back in time


1. Toy finger tips

If your mom wouldn't let you wear press on nails, these plastic finger tips were the next best thing. Who cares if they didn't match your skin tone. You still looked totally cool. Read more...

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